- About -

My name is Christopher. I came to the game development, because of the joy of making games. I want to learn new things, get experienced and generally, improve myself. I work with Unity3D and have a fine knowledge of C# .NET. I've got basic skills in an area of 2D or 3D design and developing websites.

- Projects -

Steel Skies

Story driven sidescroller shoot them up with dieselpunk aesthetics. The game is inspired by old-school classics. Fight the rebels with your co-pilot Lance and destroy the evil!

Cat football

3D multiplayer based football game, but instead of players there are cars driven by cats. Really similar to Rocket League.

Xmas FPS

3D First person shooter with Christmas stylistics, and zombies as enemies.

VR snowball fight

Virtual reality snowball fight, defend your self from waves of snowman attacking you.

Educational AR

Educationals apps for AR and VR

Jimmy's Slimy Adventure

2D sidescroller platformer with a narrator telling an epic story about Jimmy the Slime and his adventure


Popular 'miner' like games. A 2D platformer with a randomly generated map of ores. More you mine, more you sell and more you gain. Upgrade your mining unit to get better statistics.

Grand Trabant Auto

Clone of well known Grand theft auto. 3D top-down shooter in a classic American city.

Poly Rush

A quick prototype of a simple concept.

Personal website

My website is in an early stage, but here's a sneak peek

- Bio -

Hi, my name is Christopher Toman and I live in Czechia, I'm a game developer, specifically a game programmer. My main expertise is Unity3D and with that the C# .NET. I'm still thirsty for new knowledge, looking for new experience and ready to learn new technologies.

"But.. why games?"

I adore them, it is a specific medium, what gives something more than movies and less than being there in person. Creating imaginary worlds or insert specific feelings or emotions isn't that hard, games have endless design variants. That's why I adore them, not because we should escape in them, no... it's because we can say something through them. Games can have a meaning, there doesn't need to be always an intellectual point, enjoying a game is a way of being pulled in by its design, by its narrative.

As a game developer, you can express yourself in those games, you can show others what you think is cool, what is sad, what is funny, you as a whole could be introduced to others by your game. Nice environment, heartbreaking story, fast-paced action, music with what you can be in harmony with... and so on. Many things you can do... many things what you can design.

Join me on my journey... help me to improve in designs... enjoy the world around with me.

- Currently doing -

I'm currently learning Unreal Engine 4 and C++. Because of multiple game jams, I'm getting better at 3D modeling and texturing. Besides that, I'm working on a new portfolio in a form of a website, so basic web design and working with JS.

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